**NEW VIDEO** Jordan Armstrong “STAY CLEAN” @WheresJor_dan

**NEW VIDEO** Jordan Armstrong “STAY CLEAN” @WheresJor_dan

Its a  new sound from  Jor’dan Armstrong, and he just may be one of the hottest artist out in the urban gospel arena. We’d love to give incredible comparisons of other great urban gospel icons, but there’s two problems with that request. First, JorDan Armstrong sounds like nobody else on the market, and 2. – There aren’t any urban gospel icons….. (Calm down Canton Jones fans, we know CJ  has been in the game forever, but I doubt if he wants to be called the God Father of Urban Gospel). #SillyRabbit

Back to the point – the day is coming soon when Urban Gospel will be a major recognized mainstream honoring genre of music. The times of the grammys, bet, mtv, and the likes stop under rating and estimating our artists isnt that far off — and when it happens, this guy @WheresJor_Dan will be there. Front and center.

slidejordan-757x550Right now he is paying his dues. His grind is intense. His music is first class. Polished. Mixed.  Ahhhhh, and so refreshing.

JorDan Armstrong isn’t cutting corners with his image, his sound, or his presentation. And for that – sir, we salute ya.

#KeepAtIt…We see ya son.

For more info on JorDan Armstrong check him out on his website http://www.JorDanArmstrongMusic.com & on twitter at @WheresJor_Dan right now.

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Author: @UrbanGospelENT

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